Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to Cope up with a Trauma

We all have seen on TV the horrors of what typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng have brought. Not to mention another tragic event that happened to Haiti. People experiencing such a traumatic experience have a disturbing and powerful feelings in them. They usually settle in time without professional help, but it would help if they understand the variety of emotions that engulf them.

Following a traumatic incident, they experience denial and shock. This can last for several hours pr days, then followed by other emotions such as fear, hopelessness, anger, guilt, sadness, relief and hope among others.

So how do you cope up with this? First give yourself time. Each person copes differently, but here are common ways of doing so.

1. Find out what happened. Better to face the reality of what happened than keep on wondering about what might have happened.

2. Be involved with other survivors. It helps to spend time with others who have been through the same experience as yours.

3. Talk it over. Talking about what happened helps a lot. You can do this with your friends or family, even if all they do listen. And don't worry if you cry when you talk. It's natural and usually helpful.

4. Take some time for yourself. It's perfectly alright if at times you want to be alone or to be with people close to you.

5. Get into a routine. Sometimes you won't feel like eating, but try to have regular meals and to eat a balanced diet. Do some gentle exercise also.

6. Do some "normal" things with other people. Sometimes you'd want to be with other people but not to talk about what happened.

7. Take extra care. After a trauma, people are more likely to have accidents. So be careful when driving or going around.

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