Friday, February 12, 2010

The Pig in the Year of the Tiger 2010

Pig people in the year 2010 are blessed with auspicious fortune in terms of career and profession due to lucky star and guardian angel. Influential friends and helpful Samaritans are also behind their sign. But the health situation is said to be on the opposite side; inauspicious sign foreseen. As indicated, there will be more advantage in many undertaking compared to the last two years. Promotion or recognition can easily be realized, try to hurry up. More chances for Young Pig for seeking better employment or further study or training abroad. Try to exert more efforts, success can be achieved in due time. In the business point of view, new investments can be executed this year particularly in those favorable months. The financial fortune is also blessed by good sign. But you have to manage your money matters carefully in those unpleasant months. As gor your health, there is a tendency to be sick but still manageable through medical attention. Routine medical check up, regular exercise, food sanitation as well as balance diet are the remedies to protect your body. For your own safety and the safety of others, precautionary measures must always be exercised at home. Home differences or problems will occupy much of your free time. Try your best to sort out immediately all the family disagreements and keep a sense if sweet home affair. Love life is an on and off cycle. Both of you may encounter hot and cold relationship. Try your very best with patient to keep your love and romance work.


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