Thursday, February 25, 2010

Car Problems

Having a car of my own is a dream come true. I have myself a Toyota Vios, a red one because its my favorite color. Having a car is a luxury for me since if ever I want to go to some place where its hard to catch a ride or a bus, I wont have a problem since I have my own transportation. Grocery is another big problem of mine having to handle plenty of bags can be a hassle, and having to call a taxi is another one. But not now i can just put all those basket and bag on my cars baggage, and have plenty of time to stroll the mall.

But having a car is not all fun and luxury, responsibility of having to take care of your car is also important. I, on the other hand is not an expert when it comes to cars, especially when it comes to auto repair and parts. Sometimes I'm amaze of people especially in the US which even have a CEL or a check engine light in their vehicle. I even get confuse when my car starts buzzing with warning such as door ajar or lamps remind hahahaha. There is also this headaches on trying to find which shop to go to, to at least have a decent price but of good quality for repair, maintenance and parts.

The good thing though of having a car like Toyota Vios or like the much expensive Toyota Camry which is my dream car but its way too expensive for me, is that Toyota parts are easy to find and is almost always available on the market and on car shop. What is left is for you to find the most affordable one which can also be a stress with the many car shop now a days. But if you are not sure about it, you can go to the Toyota Center near your city.

So guys if you ever had plans on buying a new car make sure your well knowledge on car parts and maintenance.

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