Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pizza Hut at the Gaisano Mall Davao


Today is Lady's birthday( my brother Seigfred's wife). My father wanted to treat her to eat at Pizza Hut. I never did like Pizza Hut but I also don't hate it. But with just what happened today, Pizza Hut will be not be on the top of my list anymore. While ordering for our food, my wife told me to take pictures of the place and then the menu, but while I'm taking picture of the menu, the waitress suddenly stop me from taking pictures of the menu, saying it was against the management order. Well, I did stop and even deleted the picture on my cam, but I was disappointed at what happened. I told my wife will it hurt them if a took a picture of what's inside their menu? Competitors wont copy whats inside the menu because there's no ingredient of the food there. And the price? Common, their price is no secret to all (for me they are too expensive, way too expensive). And to add more to my disappointment, after we finished eating, we ask for a glass of water and SURPRISE, they cant serve us water because they haven't washed the glasses yet(haven't wash the WHAT? They have plenty of employees who were just standing around doing nothing,) and a simple request of water is not hard to do ( a poor service on their part, very poor). I hope their management can do something about this.
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