Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Tiger in the Year of the Tiger 2010

The Year of the Tiger will bring more complicated things for Tiger people as indicated. There is no lucky star foreseen this year, therefore 2010 is a year to be patient in all aspect of life. Worries and headaches may appear frequently, therefore, attention and alertness needed. Further, fortune is fluctuating throughout the year. You need to put full concentration on career activities. Try your best and strive harder to overcome all problems. There are also many disturbances seen on your business endeavors. Not a good year to push through with your new business plans. Financial matters also need to be approached with caution. Harmful friends and unscrupulous people are to be avoided, being fooled of money indicated. Refrain yourself from gambling's, loss of sizeable money foreseen. On health mater, routine medical checkup and proper medication will drive away illness. There are tendencies of being uncomfortable or hurt in some unpleasant months, medical attention is always needed. Security measures must be adopted especially during outing or traveling. Home safety should also be practiced at all times. Charitable endeavors with prayers will drive away bad luck, as traditional practice of Chinese folks. As much as possible, try to limit yourself from attending funeral activities. Home matters will make you busy and stressful. Love and romance is more cold than warm, therefore give and take is recommended.


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