Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Dragon

The year 2012 for you will not be as blessed as you expected. It is a year mixed with positive and negative cycle in many of your undertakings. Although there are many disturbances crossing over your activities, but things can be settled smoothly due to influence of your bright sign as well as lucky star appeared on your path. But some endeavors will disappoint you due to envious friend and harmful people, but try not to give up. Being attentive is the best characteristic you should practice, because business and endeavors will encounter some obstacles. Avoid over expenses in order to save financial matter.

Illness will not be a serious problem this year, only some minor health discomfort in those unpleasant months. However, stress and worry must be avoided. The safety of yourself and of family members must be taken seriously specially during transport. Domestic differences will occupy much of your time. Dragon husband must refrain from engaging in illicit affair to avoid family disagreement. Love life may not be affected by your daily problems. Love relationship is considered affectionate and warm in many months. There are romantic periods of reaching out to become intimate and sweet with your love ones. A right year to win your love and pursue your wedding plans.


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