Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Pig

Year 2012 for Pig people may experience both auspicious and in auspicious factors. Encounter advantages in terms of family relationship, but disadvantage in your finances. Other aspects of life are mixed with favorable and unfavorable cycle. As much as possible always be attentive in your career undertakings during those unpleasant lunar months. Dedicate your work and devote your time in all endeavors to avoid losses. Always use your talent and skill and put more concentration in financial activities in order not to be fooled of money. Avoid risky investments and speculative games.

Health situation is considered normal, but be watchful with your food intake. Stress, worry and tension must always be avoided. Chinese lunar months of March, April, July and October are the worrisome months in terms of health. Therefore, medical attention is needed to avoid more complicated problems. Refrain yourself in climbing and going high places, dangerous sign indicated. For the safety of everybody, precautionary measures must be applier in your fields activities. Satisfaction in domestic relationship is easy to attain. Home is the best place for your relaxation and recreation. However, love life is not in a very good shape. You may experience more cold than warm trend in your relationship. Love and romance will not be as rosy as you expected. There is always an on and off cycle in your relationship.


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