Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Snake

The Year of the Dragon for the Snake people is considered inauspicious. It would not be better than last year in terms of career, profession, business and finance. Experience more disadvantages than advantage cycles. But luckily, there are influential friends and helpful associates and colleagues for you to lean on. Hardwork and patient are needed in all career endeavors. As much as possible, try to be attentive in dealing with people to avoid court suit. Finances are also affected much by poor sign, Therefore, you must strike harder in managing money matters to avoid loss of sizeable income. Stay away from risky investments or sweet offer, these may be troublesome. Expansion of financial activities can only be done on those good fortune periods.

As for the health situation, there is a tendency to be uncomfortable or weak as indicated. Medical attention and proper medication are needed in those unpleasant lunar months. Medical check up will occupy much of your free time. Home safety must also be practiced often. Limit yourself from attending those unnecessary funeral activities or visiting serious ill persons. Precautionary measures must be taken during travel or transport. Domestic relationship is also not harmonious. Therefore, family concerns must be taken seriously. Love life is not in order. Although you cannot enjoy the fullest of your love and romance but wedding proposal is good to push through.


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