Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Dog

2012, Year of the Dragon for Dog people, is said to be an unfavorable year. Because Dog sign is at odds or clashes with the sign of Dragon as predicted commonly in the Chinese horoscope. But contrary to this belief, there are lucky stars, guardian angels and influential people foreseen on your sign this particular year to neutralize bad phenomenon. Therefore those problems seen on the vicious circle can easily be solved. Career and profession may not be working successfully only in those unpleasant lunar months. Business wise, don't attempt to initiate new projects without careful planning to avoid loss of sizeable money. There is a tendency to harm your financial endeavors. Always put extra-careful in managing them to avoid court suit. Don't attempt t put additional investments in your present undertakings.

And about your health condition, no serious illness will happen due to the lucky stars foreseen. But health discomforts may be your problems. Limit yourself from attending funeral activities in those unpleasant months. Be watchful with your food intake. And food safety and sanitation must be practiced. For your own protection and the protection if your family members, all home securities must be implemented. Family relationship is not affected by unfavorable sign. Therefore, a warm and harmonious affair is easy to obtain. Dog people will enjoy the fullest on their love and romance. This unfavorable year will not affect your love life.


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