Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Tiger

2012 is a busy year for Tiger people. You will experience more unpleasant months than pleasant ones. However, lucky star appeared in your sign to counter bad luck. There are also some influential friends and Samaritans who are there for you to rely on. Always be alert, problems and disturbances may arise unexpectedly and will take much of your time. Career and profession are met by obstacles, always be patient. Concentration and hard work may eliminate difficulties. In the business point of view, only Chinese lunar months of May, September and October are considered good harvest period. Therefore take the opportunity to initiate your new investments. Always be attentive in all your money matters. There is a risk to pull down your financial fortune.

In your health situation, there is a tendency to be ill as indicated in your sign. But the said illness is manageable through medication. Routine medical checkup and being health conscious are recommended in order to protect yourself. Avoid being afflicted by diseases. Therefore be careful in your food intake. Travel and outing need extra care. And fire prevention must also be practice at home. There will be no major family conflict but always exercise home safety. Family matters will take most of your free time. Mutual consideration and understanding must always be in mid to enhance sweet love and romance. Love life is mixed with hot and cold cycle.


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