Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Ox

Ox people in the year 2012, fortune is more uncertain than last year, therefore not so favorable in many aspects. No lucky stars foreseen in your sign this year, you have to associate with snake people for having good fortune. You may experience hard time in career and profession as well as business and finance. Try your best to be more attentive in all your undertakings specially in those unpleasant lunar months. The result of your effort will not reach a satisfactory level, be patient and keep cool. In the business point of view, try to devote your extra efforts to turn over those disturbances into opportunities. Also, be extra careful in terms of money matters.

There are also some tendencies of having health discomfort, particularly in Chinese lunar months of March, May, June and September. Limit yourself from attending funeral activities. Medical attention is always needed. Health conscious must be exercised from time to time especially the Female Oxen. In domestic relationship, always keep a warm and care environment at home. Expect some family differences. Therefore, express more understanding and concern. Family matters will take most of your time this year. Love life is not sweet and affectionate as you expected. There will be an on and off cycle in love and romance. May experience both cold and warm affairs. You need to improve them by keeping your communication channel open.


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