Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Rooster

The year 2012 for Rooster people may experience similar fate as of last year. Fortune is mixed with positive and negative cycle. Therefore, there are favorable and unfavorable lunar months for you to undertake. But however, Younger Roosters have much better fortune than older generations. In career pursuance, just follow the right direction. Undertakings will go smoothly in the end. Be industrious and hardworking in all activities. Strike harder in business endeavors otherwise no compliments can be attained. Financial fortune is also affected by changeable cycle. Therefore, put more concentration in monetary activities. Avoid sweet offer by harmful people in order not to be trapped into trouble.

Although no serious illness will strike your health this year as indicated, but you have to be attentive in health matters of your family members at home. Safety measures must always be exercised for your family members and for your own self. Limit yourself in those water related activities like boating, swimming and others. Domestic relationship is easy to attain by your attention and concern. Home activities will occupy most of your free and leisure time. Happy trend can be achieved at home. Love relationship is also mixed with favorable and unfavorable period. There are both joyful and boring cycle of love and romance for you to encounter. In short, love life is considered on and off situation.


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