Saturday, January 14, 2012

Using a Spreadsheet Application as Payroll Program?

I am quite surprised about this one though although I know a free spreadsheet application can be used in variety of useful ways, and yes I think it can be a good software to use as a payroll program but maybe for a small company but not on a large one.

Well I went to this organization (I'm not gonna reveal the name though) with my friend who's working at the finance department of the organization. As we pass by some of his office mate, I immediately notice that they are using a free spread sheet application in their payroll computation. Although I know it can be done, but I think it is rather risky, and maybe a little time consuming.

I ask my friend why they are using that free spread sheet application and not buy payroll software programs, he just said that some of the old employees are already satisfied using that spread sheet application and that buying a software would mean another period of adjustment while some are afraid that having a new software would mean a cut off of employee and other reason is budget. Well I can't argue about them on this, but for me it is better to buy a payroll software program, I think data would be more secure, work would be much faster.


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