Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Goat

Goat people in the Year of the Dragon is a year mixed with auspicious and inauspicious fortune. Encounter both favorable and unfavorable circumstances in all aspects. However, influential friend and helpful associates are there for you to lean on. Always pay attention in your daily career activities, things will turn stable later on. From business point of view, don't alter your plan, concentrate on the present position. Try to put extra efforts in managing financial activities. Unscrupulous people in your circle should always be avoided, they are your barriers which will try to harm your financial matters. Refrain yourself from being used as loan guarantor, troubles foreseen.

On health matter, medical check-up and proper medication will easily diminish sickness. As advised, put more medical attention to those older age people living with you in those unpleasant months. Security measure must be implemented at home and also during transport. See to it that all the house facilities are secured properly. Family relationship so far contains no serious problem. Mutual respect and forgiveness will bring harmonious family affair. Love life is considered fair. There will be an on and off situation. In love and romance, you may also experience hot and cold cycle. Avoid too much acquaintances and refrain yourself from engaging in illicit affair in order to protect your romantic and intimate love relationship.


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