Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Rabbit

The Year of the Dragon for you is not an excellent year as what you expected. For tune is mixed of favorable and unfavorable months. But you will experience more negative aspects in your undertakings. You need extra efforts and time as well as full strength and energy to overcome those difficulties. In career point of view, the product of your work will not reach your expectation. Try your best in dealing with people and present yourself with a low profile character so you can avoid disagreement or dispute. Shifting from one job to another should not be done this year. In the business side, achievements will not be smoothly accomplished. Therefore try to strive harder. Bank borrowings will not solve your financial problems. Try not to engage in illegal financial activities to avoid losses. There is a tendency to harm your income, money matters should be carefully managed.

As indicated in your sign this year, health discomfort will burden you oftenly. Medical attention and proper medication will help solve your health problem. Always try to pay attention in your food intake including food safety and sanitation. Anger, worry, stress and depression should always be avoided in some months. Family relationship is not much affected by weak fortune sign. Therefore, a harmonious domestic affair can still be obtained. Love life may be considered sweet and romantic in most of the months. There will be more intimate periods in love and romance. Therefore, love affair will take most of your free time.


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