Monday, January 30, 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012 | Predictions for those born under the sign of Horse

2012, Year of the Dragon, for you is not a shining year as what you have expected. As indicated, it will be unfavorable in terms of career, profession, business and finance as well as health situation. Therefore, this year is consist of more efforts and time to handle those disturbances related to your career activities. Hardwork and patient are needed to over turn difficulties. But however, there is a bright sign for going abroad in seeking good fortune particularly places facing either Southwest or North part. Strive harder in managing your business endeavors and beware of being fooled by harmful friends. Financial matters must always be approached with extra care specially in Chinese lunar months of February, May, June and December.

As for health condition, there is a tendency to be sick but still manageable through medication. Routine check up needed and apply food safety and sanitation as well as hygiene and cleanliness in everyday life. Protection for all people at home must always be put in mind. See to it that all the security measures are implemented. Older members will affect much of your family relationship. Luckily, your love life is not much affected by weak sign. Love and romance will be intimate in many months. Love differences can easily be sorted out through mutual consideration.


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